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Widex Hearing Center is the best digital hearing aid center in Dhaka, Bangladesh that provides services to those who are suffering from hearing and speech impairment. Our objective is to improve the lives of people suffering from hearing and speech problems using ultramodern techniques and technology. We believe in delivering extraordinary services through the combined efforts of qualified professionals like audiologists, speech pathologists, and special educationists.

We are the leading hearing aid dealer in Dhaka. We dispense standard quality digital hearing aids of all models like small, tiny invisible hearing aids, body-worn hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), Receiver in the Canal (RIC), Complete in the Canal (CIC), and tinnitus masking hearing aids.

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Pure Tone Audiometry Test

Pure tone audiometry (PTA) is the most crucial hearing test. It measures a person's hearing threshold and dete...

Audiometric Equipment

We Provide different types of hearing aid equipment. For almost 21 years of service, we have been providing th...

Visit To A Hearing Aid Specialist

An audiologist is a specially trained professional in hearing health. They specialize in hearing care to diagn...

Manufacturer's Warranty In BD

A manufacturer's warranty (often called a limited warranty) is the warranty you receive when you purchase a pr...

Customized Ear Mould Making BD

An earmold is a custom-made in-the-ear device that will have a specific function, depending on what the wearer...

Hearing Aid Replacement

On average, Widex Hearing Centre has an estimated lifespan of three to seven years. Depending on the style, so...

Invisible hearing aid for children

Invisible hearing aids help children with hearing loss. Your audiologist may recommend a device based on your...

A Comprehensive Guide to Hearing Aid Optimization

Hearing loss is a prevalent condition that can significantly impact one's quality of life. Fortunately, techno...

Learn How to Start with Hearing Aids

Present day innovation has given us devices to address these difficulties, and portable amplifiers are at the...

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  • Can a hearing aid help vertigo True?

    It causes sufferers to feel bouts of vertigo, and often includes fluctuations of hearing loss. ... Sufferers who use hearing aids often find that by equalizing hearing in both ears, symptoms of vertigo can be lessened. In addition, hearing aids can help mitigate the impact of the hearing loss associated with the disease.

  • What type of hearing aid is best?

    Here are the Best Hearing Aids for 2019 

    Widex - Best Overall Hearing Aid.

    Eargo - Best Low Profile Hearing Aid.

    ZipHearing - Most Affordable Hearing Aids.

    Hear.com - Best Customer Service.

    Phonak - Best Rechargeable Batteries.

    Starkey - Best for Tinnitus.

    Signia - Best for iPhone Users.

    Miracle-Ear - Best Warranty.

  • How do I choose a hearing aid?

    If you don't know a good audiologist, ask your doctor for a referral. An audiologist will assess your hearing and help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid and adjust the device to meet your needs. You may get best results with two hearing aids.

  • Can a hearing aid damage your hearing?

    It's true that powerful sounds played directly next to your eardrum can damage your ears and your hearing (such as loud music played through headphones). However, if you have hearing loss, the volume of well-fit hearing aids won't be loud enough to do harm.

  • Is one hearing aid enough?

    In most situations, however, two hearing aids are going to be healthier for your ears and your hearing than only one. There are simply too many advantages to having strong hearing in both ears to dismiss. So, yes, in most situations, two hearing aids are better than one (just like two ears are better than one).

  • What are the side effects of a hearing aid?

    A number of common hearing aids side effects includes: 

    Headaches and tinnitus.

    Skin irritation, soreness, and discomfort.

    Improper sound level and quality.

    Itching in the ear canal.


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